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Autism in children unable to go to school, what should I do

  two "read along with mother" with children in the classroom lectures, classes, children and some special moves, they patted the child shoulders reminder, when after school learning at home, where the child does not understand, mothers may also use what is learned in the classroom to give guidance.
her son small groups (not his real name) at Shi Pai ling primary school grade 1 classes. A few years ago, found his son and other children is somewhat different, sometimes it will suddenly make strange movements, and cannot be reconciled, stimulated little reaction to outside voices, speaking pronunciation is unclear. Diagnosis is made by a doctor, small groups suffering from autism. Women want their children to go into normal life, she found several elementary schools in Wuhan, want their children to attend school, but was rejected because of his son's illness. Until she found the Stone Ridge Elementary School, small groups were successfully accepted, because there is also a 4 year "read along with mother" Hu Xue (a pseudonym), Ms.
small group class teacher Wu Baorong said that Ms is a "special student", most of the time and her "Assistant". "At the beginning, more parents sitting in class in the classroom, it feels like it is subject to supervision, are suppressed. "However, because of this, teachers are teaching more formal teaching of higher quality. Also very consciously help class cleaning, switch the classroom door, and many even called her "mother student."


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