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Consequences of praise and punishment of deviations

  praise and punishment is a pair of twin brothers, and go hand in hand, praising there will be punishment, punishment is also accompanied by praise.
praise and punishment in ancient times is playing the same role in the education, that is, through the carrot and stick approach to education from the moral, intellectual, physical, beauty, craft and so on various aspects of progress and growth, though in different ways, but the purpose is the same.
However, in the process of teaching, which have different degrees of problems arise in two ways, lost their intended purpose, instructed different degrees of hurt, and some learners education both as a weapon, the "child" under the name recognition – of course, punishment-vocal.
praise is in order to let the children better, punishment is in order for children to recognize mistakes and weaknesses to efforts toward a good direction, however, because learners errors use rewards no icing on the role of penalties have played a worse effect.
However, under educated in this way, gradually deviated from the track of growth, some kids willing to fall due to improper reward; some children have lost their lives because of the wrong penalty.


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