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Early childhood deeply affect its future

  recently, the International Committee for 21st century education, interpersonal communication ability is one of the four pillars of education, early childhood interpersonal skills     skills, communication conditions can deeply affect their future relationships, self-esteem, and happy life.
Harvard University psychologist Howard Gardner suggested that communication is a basic intelligence, able to detect and distinguish the moods, intentions, motivations and feelings of others, and use of language, movement, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact with others, including the exchange of information, communication and emotional skills.
2~6sui interpersonal intelligence is key to the growth of the period, children this age, when his mother was sick, can understand and feel mother's sick, and said some words of concern; about conflicts and disputes arising in the course of the game, can learn to control monopolies, selfish thoughts, can consult with others and so on.
when such exchanges will meet the needs of the children, often very happy. Therefore, parents should understand children need to interact with people, consciously create conditions to meet children's emotional needs.


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