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Efforts to keep an eye on children

  doesn't matter if you do not see your child's efforts, you can be in the form of questions ask children to name the process, it lost no time in proper reviews, can also give the child a good compliment.
to encourage children to end, truly "praise", "praised efforts", parents first need to do things for children an understanding of the entire process.
there are times when you can see your child's good intentions and efforts, when you sum up when kids, might as well in great detail described their experience.
like a child after you finished your composition, you can say: "the beginning of the article is very good, you can think of that it is not easy at the beginning intermediate description can feel you after careful observation.
the end of the word wonderful, turned with it very appropriate...... "in this way, your hard work spent on children in the composition came out one by one, happy smile, at once full of confidence in the child's face.


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