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How to train your baby healthy personality

  at present, the national incidence of mental problems of children up to the age of 4-16 13.97%, detection rates for social adaptation 23.46%. Due to current emphasis on physical health, mental development, ignoring the early cultivation of good psychological and behavioral tendencies, causing scenes of heart-wrenching tragedy.
Bao Xiulan introduced children's development was physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills development. 0-3 infant's early development has a lasting impact on his life.
expert: 13.97% healthy personality from an early age, children with psychological problems.
baby Dragon stick was born, how to foster baby's personality? 8 points this morning, the Nineth Symposium on child development and clinical held in Hefei, Beijing Union Medical College hospital chief physician, China Union Medical University Pediatrics Professor Bao Xiulan ladies and all the listeners reveal the methods of cultivating infants ' healthy personality.

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