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Milk powder unopened you must note the following points

  be sure to check if the packaging is damaged, leaking (flat bag), if there is air, the product is likely to have been contaminated. Milk if not stored properly can be easily contaminated by microbes or insects, so after milk powder unopened, you be sure to pay attention to the following points:
cleaning openings and extra bags of milk powder residue, preventing their attracted/breeding pests.
take a good formula to seal, then adjust, avoid moisture and the intrusion of foreign bodies in the brewing process.
should be stored in a cool, dry environment at room temperature, do not save in the refrigerator or exposed to high temperatures.
must be used within 1 month after opening milk powder finish, if you turn on after 1 month, there are still remaining milk powder, please throw it away. It is worth reminding that, milk packaging on the shelf life is unopened and the date when the appropriate storage conditions.
do not recommend reuse of empty cans, empty, can easily lead to 2 pollution.
When you buy milk for the baby, all you have to do a careful mother. Formula at the time of packaging, must be noble gas fill, and ensure that the final product of the oxygen and moisture is below 3%, in such conditions, bacteria and insects are difficult to breed.


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